About Us

joining a club can give you a way to connect and find people with common interests.Becoming a member of a club can allow you to network with others in a similar line of work and exchange valuable advice or contacts.You may want to join a club that your friends or people you want to become friends with are a part of to spend more time with them.

The Great Gatsby Club has been planning fun activities in and around Delhi and NCR for people who are looking to make new friends, network, connect, try something different or experience things they like that they can’t get their friends to do!

Our members are everyday real people who are interested in fun and interesting events with a focus on making new friends, networking, connecting or just getting away from their busy lives. We have singles and some couples from every walk of life and various professions coming together almost every night for the activities we plan. We are very careful to host a variety of activities that take in to consideration that these days our members come from a wide spectrum of economic means, so you will see both very affordable and some very high end offerings.